Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vivian's First Bikini Competition

Like me my daughter Vivian was skinny fat.  The only difference between us is I was involved in sports, and 2 inches taller with less curves so my appearance was slimmer.  In college, I weighed 115-120lb, Vivian ranges 125-130lb.

During summer break, Vivian caught up with some of her high school friends who packed on the college freshman 15, back in my day it was the freshman 10.  She lives at home and eats healthy so she dodged that bullet; but was concerned she was becoming less active and out of shape.

She began her journey by hitting the cardio equipment at the Power Shack where we both work.  After awhile she noticed her ribs poking out.  She didn't want to look anorexic so she asked our trainer's wife, Robyn Nutter who is a body builder, what she should do.  Robyn put her on a diet that would help her build muscle.  She continued with her cardio and lifted weights but without much direction.  

I encouraged her to train with me Friday mornings with Shawn. After awhile we began pushing her to compete in the bikini division. She resisted at first.  Showing off on stage really isn't her thing; however, Nutter kept at her every morning she worked.  She didn't see what the big deal was.  Who wants to diet and work your ass off for some silly trophy?  As soon as she heard pro card and $100k prize she thought college money and went for it.

To the left is where she started May 13, 2012
To the right she is competition ready September 16, 2012

I'm real impressed with my daughter's dedication to this sport.  She's inspired me to be better with my diet so we can one day compete together!

This is her before the event ready to strut and shake her stuff. I couldn't have been more proud!  I know what it took to get her there.  All the stress and tears.  How tired she was between school, work and her training.  Take away the starchy carbs and she became an emotional time bomb.  Her sister and I soon knew when to scatter or simply not speak until she ate.  We carry nuts for personal protection.  When that sugar drops WATCH OUT!  

I think the most disappointing was the support she didn't receive from the people she counted on the most.  Good friends lost because they couldn't fathom why this was so important to her.  She soon learned who to share her competition plans with.  It's shocking the ridicule one receives for being healthy and disciplined from disrespectful men, and catty jealous women.

This is our trainer Shawn Nutter, co worker, friend, basically he's the brother we never had, our family, both him and his wife Robyn.  They work at the Power Shack as personal trainers, Fusion Training Systems.  We couldn't be where we are without them!

Special shout out to Vincent and Luanne for coming to her pre judging, your support of my daughter is priceless!  I can't even begin to express my gratitude to Shawn and Robyn Nutter!
And to my youngest, Veronica who got up at the butt crack of dawn to straighten her sisters hair and apply her make up.  The love they show each other is genuine.

She looks UhMazing!

While we were taking pictures after the finals.  I went DAD on someone.  These guy's to my left were making comments, one of them pulled out his cell and started snapping shots at my baby.  I gave him my best MOM look and said "That's my daughter.  Exactly why are you taking pictures of her?  We don't know you."
I work here...
This guy works for the building that was rented out for this event...
"I don't care where you work, you're not taking pictures of my girl!"
Shawn had to settle me down.  He said "get used to it this will happen, this is how people get known and move up."  Okay well that's all well and good if he was a photographer for the event, but it was some cheese ball custodian!

Her post competition pictures

Vivian didn't place and that's okay.  She has everything it takes to go pro, all she needs to gain is experience.

She was very upset that she did not make it to the top five; however, her personal trainer said she did amazing her first time. Many people who were oiling her and bikini biting her, said she looked better than all the other bikini girls who placed. They told her not to worry because all she needed was the experience, and put her time in with the judges. The workers said that they were only rooting for her. 

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