Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dear Wandering Reaper... Because you asked...

Dear Wandering Reaper,

I like that shit; it's  all I want to do.

I've always been involved in sports. I rarely started and was always JV never varsity. I'm pretty much a klutz but not in the gym.  In the gym I'm bad ass. My work ethic is man sized. I don't just keep up I'm schooling new moves.

I read everything. Best magazine ever: OnFitness it has zero fluff! Other favorites are Oxygen and muscle fit for Her. I have 4 three inch binders filled with 15 years worth of relevant exercise information. If its challenging I've got my hands on it.  

Eat Clean Train Dirty!

Before I had my daughters I was skinny fat. I never had to work at keeping my weight down. I was 28 when I had my last daughter. Woke up one day and decided to join the YMCA and get back in shape.  Look up Body For Life by Bill Phillips. This was my first body transformation. 

We built a house grew apart and I served him divorce papers. Throw in job and shift changes and I went from 12% body fat to a woman who couldn't paint her toe nails without getting out of breath. I joined a jogging class at Ohio State worked 12 hour shifts and jogged 3 miles with 20 year olds at age 41 three mornings a week directly after work and lifted weights at the Power Shack. This was my second body transformation.

Almost 2 years ago I met an emotionally abusive man at my gym and had a relationship with him. I slowly but surely regained 22 pounds and lost my ride or die attitude. I got out and dug deep into my third and final transformation. I never want to work this hard again or be involved with someone who isn't supportive of me or my daughters.  I'm getting too old for that shit.

People want results ASAP but there are no fast and fancy short cuts.  You want what I got then work for it like I'm still working for and once I get where I want to be the work doesn't stop I'll have to be disciplined and maintain.  My advice always have a goal in mind and strive for it!

You're  never too old it's never too late! Do what you can and work with what you have but never stay where you are keep pushing forward. You've gotta want it that bad!

Bottom line: as we age we lose muscle mass and bone density each year.

The answer is weight train!

You want to reshape your body and blow off excess fat?

Pick up heavy ass shit!

Remember it isn't about how much you weigh but how much you can lift!

Cardiovascular-Weight Training-Clean Diet
People don't like to hear this but 80% of your answer to the fittest you've ever been is DIET!  That's my hiccup. I try and out work a crappy diet and you can't do that especially at my age.  Slowly but surely I'm getting there.

High protein is key: 50% protein 30% healthy fat 20% carbs ( food report on lose it will help you monitor this)
lean cuts of chicken & beef
Protein powder
Egg whites
1 serving of nuts which is also a good source of healthy fats
2 TB of olive oil for healthy fat
Lots of dark green veggies high in fiber
You may have starchy carbs every fourth day for your first 3 meals.
1/2 grape fruit per day
No dairy
No sugar not even natural only your 1/2 of grapefruit
Drink a gallon of water per day

You don't have to compete and be super strict but if you want those types of results then that's what you eat.  Other wise look into Tusca Reno eating clean or follow Bill Phillips Body For Life.

Focus on training your largest muscle groups like chest back and legs this will help you burn more fat.

Look into German Volume and high intensity interval training.

Circuits are key!

Cross fit training is for  faggots... Kidding! Keep up your swimming it will help you not get burnt out and help prevent injuries! Always switch it up!

Get your 8 hours sleep in and take naps this is when your body is recovering and schedule in at least one full day of rest!

A word on supplements if you can't afford it don't bother with them. I feel they help but they aren't the end all. These are some I've taken over the years that I've liked.

Fish oil
Stuff for your joints
Halo 25
Multi vitamin
GH factor
Lean out

Stay focused by taking monthly progress pictures body measurements and or how you fit in clothing and weekly to biweekly body fat assessments.

Always like what you do
Be happy
What's the point if you don't or aren't? 

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