Friday, September 7, 2012

Coming Along

           SEPTEMBER 7, 2012

        [6-1-12]                       [9-7-12]

        [6-1-12]                      [9-7-12]

         [6-1-12]                     [9-7-12]

I'm coming along but I'm not competition ready.
My progress has been slow but rewarding.
December 2011 I was 30.1% body fat.
September 2012 I'm 14.8% body fat.
I've lost 30.5lb and 16inches.

My car accident was a set back. At first I wasn't eating and now I'm munching away on dangerous choices. 

Not good!

I know I'm not ready for Octobers competition but that's no excuse to act like I'm never going to compete

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