Monday, August 20, 2012

RockEn it at 44

The picture on the left is last year age 43
The picture on the right is this year age 44

Last year I went shopping and purchased clothing that concealed at Kohl's.  This year I had an amazing time at Easton updating my wardrobe at upscale department stores.  View dress below from Bebe.  A bit dressy for Sully's Reggae night but I didn't care I was wearing that piece! 

I had a fabulous birthday weekend shopping with my daughters and clubbing with my man.  I saw Champaign with them and Expendables 2 with him, which was a bad ass movie, non stop gore and action.  At the end he shot up hugging and thanking me for picking it.

I'm not thrilled about turning another year older but I feel I wear 44 much better than I wore 43!

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