Saturday, July 28, 2012

End of July updates 2012

Left is June 1st/Right is July 27th

I'm 85 days from October competition

My body fat is 16.4%

I've lost a total of 15.5 inches since the beginning of the year.  That's a 4 inch improvement in 4 weeks, wow right?

I know what it takes to get where I'm going and having Shawn Nutter in my corner helps tremendously, but knowing isn't everything.  Doing the right thing is never easy which is why I'm a BIG motivator, it helps me to stay motivated.

You lose it people peeping my blog and cruising my profile commenting on how inspiring I am to you.  To be inspirational you need to be inspired, you wonderful people encourage me, each one of you are unique in how we approach our work outs.  We might not all walk into the gym looking how we want but each day we walk out a little closer and those of you without memberships who make do with what you have and do what you can should be commended, that shit aint easy!  If you can do it with next to nothing it makes it pretty damn difficult to support someone with excuses as to why "they" can't work out!

I ain't where I wanna be but I'm getting there!  The other day my youngest and I laid out at the pool and I felt self conscious in my suit, I don't know why when everywhere I looked there was someone over weight and flaunting it.

Left May 9, 2012 Right July 27, 2012
This is was a favorite outfit of mine back in the day, a head turner...  I'm getting there!


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