Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Vivian

I won't argue, we need the rain but really on my baby's 20th birthday?  We were so looking forward to kayaking for the first time but we got rained out!

I start my work week on Sunday, I stay up all day and night in order to flip from days to nights.  I sleep about 4 or 5 hours, get in some cardio, go hard with my trainer, hit the shower, pack my food and go another 12 hour shift and let me tell you Monday's was pretty rough but that wasn't gonna stop me from celebrating my girls day!

I got her gym duds for every day of the week.  Isn't she beautiful?  I can't believe I have a 20 year old!  She's so special to me, she's the first of my family.  I'm adopted and when I discovered I was pregnant with her I was unmarried and scared but in total awe, for the first time in my life I had a complete connection. 

The weather was dubious when we left but we were like fuck it let's go!

We were all wearing our booty shorts and skeleton shoes by Fila.  Notice I start off with my hair straight.  They teased me the whole way cuz I was carting around an umbrella while we were hiking, they we're like come on princess!

This is my other daughter Veronica who will be turning 17 this October.  I love both my girls very much!  We have so much fun up in Hocking Hills many fun memories!  I'll never forget the time Vivian and I coached Veronica into her first squat on the trail.  She stood there with her jeans up and peed. We were like what part of our step by step instructions did you NOT understand? Classic if not classy!

My arms are coming along!

Before I go further I have to say my girls are quite the pair.  When Veronica was born Vivian walked in my hospital room put her hands on her hips and demanded Where is my baby?  Vivian is a Leo like me, very in charge border line controlling, but loyal and fierce.  Out in public if anyone came remotely close to her sister's baby carrier she stood in the way like a starfish in combat That's my baby sister and we don't know you, you're a stranger, go away!  As Veronica got older and they ran the neighborhood together Vivian's friends would complain about why her sister had to tag along with them and Vivian would tell them That's MY sister and if you don't like it YOU can leave but she's staying.  I'm so blessed and happy for their relationship, I do not have that type of connection with any of my siblings, adopted or birth.

Okay so now you've got a taste of Vivian the leader and protector, well here's Veronica the entertainer our stand up comedian and future vegan.  While we hiked the trail from Old Man Caves to Cedar Falls Veronica coached Vivian into some off the cuff role play, anyone remember the movie Decent?  Those girls who hiked and explored some undiscovered cavern and was later hunted and killed and towards the end Sarah all beaten and bloody crawled out to safety?
I wish I could capture Veronica's words and expressions, she almost had me peeing my shorts! 

The first time I ever took my girls to Hocking Hills we stayed at the Top Of the Caves in a little log cabin for a week, they loved it!  It was their first camping experience.  Veronica's nick name that week was Dora The Explorer, she'd always hike ahead of us with her Dora Back Pack, we've renamed her Laura Croft.

We're now at Ash Cave which is one of the prettiest spots in Hocking Hills, we love picnicking here.

We had the most amazing time together as always and plan on going kayaking soon, maybe for my birthday in August.


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  2. Great photos - looks like you all had a lot of fun! Nice progress, Danni!