Friday, June 1, 2012

April VS May 2012 May won but the Bikini didn't!

 The pictures to the left were taken April 26, 2012
The pictures to the right were taken May 31, 2012

The greatest difference is my side profile.

I find it interesting I look slimmer from this angle than the front or back view.

In my opinion there isn't a noticeable difference from April to May as far as the front and back view are concerned.

The most surprising is the definition in my arms.  I couldn't believe the progress I made in 4 weeks!  Huge improvement!  I'm thrilled!

The dress pictures were taken May 31, 2012
My body measurements didn't change much from last month. 

At the request of my trainer I was asked to begin taking progress pictures in my bikini.  He said he could tell a difference in my white tank and black shorts.  Really, I can't.

By taking bikini shots we will be able to see more drastic improvements in the weeks to come.

I was feeling real good until I saw these now I'm back to looking like a fat ass heifer!

BODY FAT: 18.6%

Nutter says I still have 2 weeks until my diet becomes disciplined.  I will be dieting this way with minor adjustments for 16 weeks!  My daughter doesn't have to begin a more disciplined diet for another 4 weeks...  BITCH! :)

My goal is 10% body fat, in order to achieve this I need to lose 1.5-1.7lb of fat per week.  He believes when it's all said and done I should be weighing 135-142lb. 

I almost smacked my daughter, her eyes got wide: I'm gonna have to keep both eyes on you and make sure you don't cheat!  The youngest will be in on this too I'm sure. 

Okay, okay, okay, yeah I need their support even if it means them becoming vigilantes!

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