Thursday, June 14, 2012

Call a Spade a Spade Or rather Chicken is chicken and broccoli is broccoli!

Last Friday I was talking shop with a co worker at the Power Shack who trains competitively and is also a personal trainer at our gym.  She's a winner and I'm not talking about her winning personality, this girl's got trophies!
Her fianc√© is my trainer and they sell Beverly products.  I read all Beverly's No Nonsense Magazines.  In the latest issue I found a couple of snazzy recipes and raved about them.

Danni she says these might be okay on your carb days but pretty soon you're gonna have to cut out the protein shakes and cheat meals.

Yeah but these people are doing it and look how great they look!

Just because they're in the magazine doesn't mean they're taking home trophies.

Well damn...

The quality of your food does matter.  The better the food the harder your body works to break it down.

Chicken is chicken and broccoli is broccoli. 


I can flip through all the Tusca Reno Clean Eating Cookbooks I want but what it boils down in the kitchen is, chicken is chicken and broccoli is broccoli.  Creativity is limited to spices and imagination.

You can't out work a crappy diet!

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