Sunday, May 20, 2012

My guy is supporting me 100%

Calendar of Ohio Natural Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Fitness Model Competitions: October 20, 2012

ONBF Natural Fall Classic - IFPA Pro Qualifier
Ohio State University-Newark (Reese Center)
Newark, Ohio
Nick Showman (740) 403-9325

It's decided my eldest daughter Vivian and I are competing!  She's signing up for Bikini and I'm doing figure.  How cool is that, mommy daughter action!

Nutter said 20 weeks out and he will determine where Vivian and my fitness are in comparison to where our fitness needs to be for stage readiness.  That's in 12 days, Friday June 1st.  By then he'll be able to tell both of us when to begin competition dieting. 

We'll probably do weekly body fat measuring.  Nutter said I should be 7-9% body fat.  I've never been lower than 12%.  This should be interesting and challenging!

My guy and I had it out last Friday.  I had a rough work week.  My third to last night on I negotiated pulling a double so I didn't have to come back in that night.  I told him about it thinking maybe we could do something that night as he was going to California that Friday.  I was okay if we didn't, that double wiped me out.  I skipped my session with my trainer and was barely functional the rest of the day, I only slept 4-5 hours.  Around 10pm my guy sends me a text telling me he just got in, good night and have a good shift, I'll see you tomorrow.  I was like, wow, thanks for paying attention to my texts!

He made no time to see me Thursday, took a nap, woke up around 10pm and thought I'd be down for seeing him.  Umm sorry, no!  Make time for me not fit me the hell in.  He wanted to know if we were working out together Friday morning.  I told him no and that I thought this time apart would be good for us, give us both time to think.  I left it at that.

I got a text around midnight: thinking of you


I got another around 3am: not sleeping well, used to you being in my arms

Tough shit

After my work out Friday morning he sends me another text: I'd like to see you before I leave

You didn't make time for me yesterday

Ahhh that fanned the flames...  I didn't care for his response.  I called him and let him have it.  He was very apologetic.  We met for breakfast to talk.

Below are the listed highlights:

  1. You don't make me a priority
  2. You don't support me
  3. You've made me upset and concerned about my changing body.  You once said don't put me in the position of being more attracted to someone else.
I lit into him! 

He agreed he doesn't make me a priority but will.  He's afraid and tries to tone down his feelings for me. 

Dispense with the bull shit, what's the point then? 

He believes he's making progress.  Before being involved with me he would have left on his trip and dealt with "us" when he got back.

He said he was joking about not wanting me competing.

Again bull shit but I didn't call him on that.  After all I do see his progress.  Sunday mornings before he leaves he tells me to have a good run.  I think he cringes on the inside, after all anything past 2 or 3 miles is too much calorie burning for me according to him.

I applaud and appreciate his efforts.  I guess I should tell him that.

He has staunchly agreed to support me competing in figure especially after I explained what it was in comparison to say body building.  Robyn's build is too much and Vivian is too little and figure sounds just right.

Okay so a dozen baby pink roses were involved, that stuff doesn't melt me but it is sweet, unnecessary although much appreciated and acknowledged.

What mattered most was him giving me his full support, promising to help train, motivate, cheer, and make sure I'm not cheating on my diet AND...  Asking me to never leave him.

I hope he is supporting me because he sees how much it means to me and not out of fear of losing me.

Maybe it's both.

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  1. "don't put me in the position of being more attracted to someone else." <---THAT would have been a deal breaker. To me that says the writing is on the wall and he is justifying playing elsewhere, be very cautious that comment does not bode well even if he is being nice and sweet now.

    Being a guy I can say, "game recognizes game" and this is a guy who is thinking of exercising his options, be cautious.