Monday, May 7, 2012


This is NOT an actual patient but a close resemblance of someone I recently took care of found under FUPA images.

This picture is not an exaggeration this condition is for real!

All I know is: I take care of a great many people who are obese.  At least 90% of them expect you to wipe their bottoms when done toileting.  Most of them have enough range of motion to complete the task on their own, perhaps not as efficient as you and me but it can be done.

I always hand a patient a cleansing wipe when they assume the position.


"What do you do when you're at home?"

One such answer was provided in report: patient lays a bath towel down on chair and sits on it.


Sometimes I'll try and encourage by pushing the idea of wiping themselves by saying: allow me to facilitate your independence and then hand them a cleansing wipe and then I finish by saying I'm here to assist you as needed, part of getting better is doing for yourself.

A lot of times this works.  I'm not sure why.  Out of embarrassment?  Maybe they got lazy and we enforced their dependence?

Whatever the reasons all I know is this state of obesity has persuaded my efforts to maintain a healthy weight and life style for the rest of my days!

I'm thrilled to mention that both of my daughters have increased their efforts in the gym.  My youngest is over weight and wants to make BIG changes (she's already lost 20lb and some inches) and my eldest who favors my side of the family is interested in competing in a bikini competition.  She just got her body fat assessed and I was surprised she was 25% body fat, will be 20 years this July weighing 130lb at 5'6" and here I am almost 44 years and my body fat is 18.73% weighing 169lb at 5'8".

I think sometimes a person gets to a point where the smallest things seem impossible and then the problem snowballs and the impossible becomes completely unattainable.

Never stop moving!

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