Monday, April 30, 2012

PUNK ROPE: I got thA JuMp on you!

Punk Rope

I've got my eye on Code Blue and Heavy Rope as well as the women's tank!

I want to get Punked Roped!

Jumping rope is a high-intensity exercise that builds aerobic and anaerobic capacity like sprinting on a track.

Scientists have found that you push yourself harder jumping rope than you do jumping in place or jogging because you're concentrating on a skill (I agree!  It takes a lot of effort not to trip over your rope and or keep it jumping!)-you don't feel the pain (now that I don't agree with.  When I do my jump rope circuits, 3 minutes seems like eternity which is pain itself!).

Research has shown that there are few forms of exercise better for building and preserving bone than jumping rope.  Rope jumping strengthens bones in the spine and lower leg that are easily fractured when you get older.  Jumping rope regularly develops strong bones that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

There's no better polymeric exercise than rope jumping.  It will make your legs strong, powerful, and shapely.

Rope jumping is a potent fat burner too.  Rope skipping turns on your sympathetic nervous system-the fight or flight response which makes you burn extra calories during the day.  Add to these benefits improved coordination (something I need to work on!) better timing and rhythm (another area I lack in), and improved balance (not so great at like single leg deadlifts) and agility, and you have a kick ass well rounded form of exercise!

It's not enough to jump up and down, once you got thA JuMp on you go for some more advanced moves...

  • Cross the rope in front of you just before you jump. 
  • Cross the rope in back of you just before you jump.
  • Double spin-turn the rope twice for one jump.
  • Foot work-move your feet so they open and close, then jump using one foot and then the other.  Twisting to the right and then to the left.  High stepping, using a running motion while jumping rope-lifting your knees as high as possible between turns of the rope.
I like to create jump rope circuits, jump rope for 3 minutes followed by a series of body weight and or weight exercises.

My resting heart rate is low, I like running because it brings it up rather quickly.  The first time I tried my jump rope circuit I was surprised I got my heart rate up to 168, that's almost unheard of for me!

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