Friday, March 2, 2012

March 1, 2012 Body Transition Update

Wow I look at my back end I don't think hideous! 
No noticeable back rolls of fat!

I'm still not crazy about my profile and my belly button area is a long way from getting re-pierced but I'm pleased with my progress.

Nutter is planning on posting my body transition pictures on his web site.

He get's results as long as you put in the WORK!

Since I began this transformation I've lost: A total of 7inches! 10.2% of Body FAT!  And 16lbs!

CHEST: 37.5
NECK: 13
HIPS: 43

I lost a half inch off my chest.

I gained a whole inch around my shoulder area.

I lost a half inch off my neck.

I lost an inch and a half off my waist.

I lost two inches off my hips.

I lost an inch and a half off my thighs.

I gained an inch and a half on my calves.  That doesn't seem right though as my boots fit so much better.  Robyn says I gained muscle in back but lost fat in front.  Okay I'll buy that :)

I lost a half inch off my biceps relaxed.

I lost a half inch off my guns :-/

My current body fat is: 19.9%

I lost another: 1.9 pounds (I swear I will blast MORE fat off me running!  GET THE FLOCK OFF ME ALREADY!)

I lost: 0.5lb of muscle :(

Nutter was pleased with the numbers.  I didn't lose much in muscle, in his opinion I'm maintaining which is good, it means I'm taking in enough protein to support my muscles.  If I continue to maintain muscle mass and incinerate body fat I should start seeing significant drops on the scale.  He says I already have a lot of muscle, we're just uncovering it, once we do we'll discuss what to do with it.

I say dip me in bronze!

The last couple of circuits with Nutter have been intense.  Last Monday we did suicides, several different types, with Nutter it is a theme with subplots!

Today we did 30 second kettle ball swings followed by 5 burpees X 3 sets and then a minute rest.  30 second kettle ball swings followed by 4 burpees X 3 sets and then a minute rest.  We repeated this pattern of 30 second kettle balls swings and then 3 burpees X 3 sets and then a minute rest till we got to one FINAL damn Burpee!  Towards the end I was huffing and puffing on the kettle ball swings and just wanted to drop to the ground as I extended my legs out for another burpee and wave a white flag instead of popping tall so I can repeat another 30 seconds of kettle ball swings and God more burpees...


I can't believe I'm typing this but if I was on my own I think I would have quit and scratched that particular exercise off my list.  Thank God for Nutter's persistence!

I ran 5.45mi after.  Running was more of an effort today than yesterday.

I'm due for a nap!

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