Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time will tell...

This Thursday, March first I'll post new pictures and inches lost.  I may wait until Friday after Nutter does my body fat measurements.  This time in one of the pictures I'm going to be flexing.  I've leaned out so much on top I can make my chest muscles ripple up and down.

This whole body transition is freaking my guy out.  He doesn't want me to lose a lot of weight although he wants me toned.  I don't get him.  Last week while lifting he says "I should have you be a guest at my gym and show these girls what a real work out is."  He's a personal trainer and loves working out with me.  And then he tells me he feels I should back off on my cardio and have more than one day of rest.

The bottom line is he's afraid I'm going to lose my butt.  Honestly that isn't going anywhere ever.  I've been 125lb at 5'8" and 12% body fat so I know my own body.  Oh it might get smaller but everything else will too and so it will always appear bigger, my biggest asset!  I'm naturally wide in the hips, that doesn't change as weight and inches decrease.  For being a personal trainer I don't get why he doesn't see the logic in this

He recently had a conversation with me about not wanting to be put in the position of being attracted to someone else.  He likes me how he met me and wants me to pretty much stay there.  Now I've given that conversation a lot of thought and as it played out he could tell how much what he said bothered me.  He asked if I would at least cut back if he felt I was losing too much.  I placated him and agreed, but wow did it irk me to do so.

Anyone of my close friends and family has known I've always wanted to achieve and maintain a certain level of fitness.  I'm getting older and it isn't getting any easier, the time is now!    My health and fitness is paramount. I'm not going to compromise that for anyone.  I don't want to lose him over this but if I do then I guess my health and desires isn't a priority of his.

My guy tells me if I gained 20-30 pounds he'd still love and be attracted to me like that would be a good thing.  I'm sorry but I see no health benefit there.  I guess in a way that's sweet of him as many men and women would become less attracted to their mates if they became over weight.  But I guess if you truly loved and cared about each other fat or skinny shouldn't make a bit of difference.

Another issue I have is our age difference.  I'm seven years older, I know I don't look my age and that has always been a blessing but for how long?  I can't help but wonder where we'll be in our relationship when I turn 50 and he's 43.  This is six years off.  It isn't an issue now but what if it will be?

My trainer, Nutter feels he's insecure.  Maybe, I don't know.  He could prefer a woman who is toned and blessed with thicker thighs and a big ass.

It irritates Nutter to know this; he's seen this scenario a number of times, women who get in the best shape they've ever been in and their men become worried and upset.  He has a guy friend who'd rather have his woman slightly out of shape so he doesn't have to be concerned about her cheating on him or quitting him for another guy.

Time will tell...

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  1. Danni, This whole thing with your man seems....weird. Maybe a little controlling and disrespectful? Threatening you with the idea of being attracted to someone else is manipulative. I feel love should be more far reaching than that. You deserve sooooo much better. If companionship is what you need give this guy the boot and prepare yourself for the best, by being your best and only allowing those kind of men into your life. It's time to take care of you, Danni. That's what this is all about. Best of luck to you. It's so much easier said then done. Thinking of you...kadie