Sunday, March 4, 2012

If staying in shape were easy we wouldn't be asking questions; this is what has worked for me.

 Once people notice your body changing they ask "how are you doing it?"

I get cornered at work a lot.  I totally don't mind, I love to help and share what works for me.

If staying in shape were easy we wouldn't be asking questions.  Everyone needs help and support!

This is what has helped me, lose weight, gain muscle, and stay focused and motivated.

  1. I hired Shawn Nutter to be my personal trainer.
  2. I became a member on; curvesrkicken.
  3. I started a BLOG about my body transformation; curvesrkicken.
  4. I track everything in a book I bought at Barnes and Noble called DietMinder even though I already log my intake on  This way my trainer can see what the hell I'm really up to.  I need to be more mindful about recording what I do on my days off.
  5. The first Thursday of every month I have my youngest daughter take a progress picture of me and body measurements.  This is a really good motivator when the scale isn't budging.  You can at least see a difference and know that you're losing inches if not weight.
  6. My trainer accesses my body fat every 2 weeks.  This is extremely important.  You need to know your muscle to fat ratio.  This helps show if you've hit a plateau and or losing instead of gaining or maintaining muscle mass.  If you don't know these values it makes it difficult to know what your nutritional needs should be.
  7. Since I'm a big fan of documenting I log my daily weight.  It seems you lose and gain the same pounds going no where.  This tool helps me see the bigger picture.  I try and weigh myself at the same time every day depending on my work or days off.  Buck naked and right after I pee.  This site shows a graph average of what you're consistently losing each week.  So many of us are looking for instant success.  It took you so many months; years to put on the weight, it should take at least that long to take it off. 
  8. I drink at least a gallon (128oz) of water each day if not more.
  9. I take these supplements: Omega-3 Fish Oil, a multi vitamin, Osteo Bi Flex Triple Strength (for my joints), Enzymes to help break down my food, D-4 Thermal Shock (a fat burner), C-4 (a pre work out drink with some fat burning capabilities), Creatine Select, and Glutamine Select (supports muscle growth and recovery).
  10. I eat 190g of protein, 50g of healthy fats, and limit my starchy carbs to 20-30g.
  11. I wear a Heart Rate Monitor so I know my caloric burn.  It's not exact, but better than going by what the machine, or any on line source for average activity calorie burn is.  I would love to know what my true VO2 max is!
  12. I rest one day a week, the day varies.
  13. The only day I don't do cardio is Wednesday.  I come off a 12 hour shift and train with Nutter at 8am before I go to bed.  Since I'm too tired to do circuits and or cardio we've decided to make Wednesdays heavy lifting days.
  14. I wear a device by body media, it tracks my steps, sleep patterns, food intake, weight, moderate and vigorous activity levels and calorie burn.  I try and make sure I walk at least 15,000 daily steps.
  15. I reward myself with clothes, shoes, I tunes, and work out gadgets.
  16. I read whatever I can get my hands on.  My favorite fitness magazine is Oxygen and Muscle Fit for Her's.
  17. I pre plan, make and pack my daily foods.
  18. I allow myself one cheat meal for every day I'm off.
  19. I limit myself to drinking one day out of the week.
  20. I find challenges, like signing up for a 5k and or involve myself in some sort of fun activity like bowling, canoeing, hiking, running outside and batting cages.  You gotta keep things fresh and fun!  Maybe one day I'll do the Arnold bikini classic or the pump and run!
This pretty much sums it up...

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