Saturday, March 10, 2012

I've come a long way since my jogging class...

I need a challenge so I've been training for a half Marathon although I'm not signed up for one.  If someone was running with me, I'd probably go for it but that's not the case.

You might think I should run a race and that might make me more accountable.  I don't agree.  A race doesn't make me accountable, I make myself accountable, no more no less; it's just something I do.

In the spring of 2010 before I turned 42 that summer, I took a jogging class at The Ohio State University, it was free for me since I am an employee at OSU Medical.  Now that made me accountable, fail the class and pay the fee. 

I knew the best way to lose weight was to run.  I did it before, but this time, I couldn't make myself budge.  I needed someone, something to push me, I needed motivation, I needed to be held accountable and so I signed up for a jogging class with young twenty year olds.  At first it wasn't motivating, it was depressing, I couldn't have felt older but it held me accountable.

I was placed in the slowest running group; I was definitely the den mother if not the leader of the pack.  Those twenty year olds were impressed with me though, two out of the three days I showed up after a 12 hour night shift.  They might have run faster but I had a lot more determination!

By the end of the quarter I was running a 5k between 45-40 minutes, some days are faster than others.  Today I ran a 5k in 35 minutes, my best time, and honestly it wasn't much of an effort.  I was planning on running 7.5mi even if I ran it slow, I just didn't want to walk 3 min after every 10 or 15 min run cycle, which is the program I've been following the past two weeks.  I changed my mind  by 2.5 miles; I was at the gym with my youngest and knew she wanted to weight train, not by herself but with me.  I get on so easily with the eldest but my relationship with my youngest comes with some effort.  She's worth more than my run time, so I cranked it up and went for the 5k.

A few things I've noticed since training for a half Marathon: running at 5.0 mph my heart monitor is bleeping a low heart rate.  This is good but now I need to go faster, I'm up to 5.0-5.5 mph; I'll stick with this for awhile then increase to 6.0 mph which is a 10 minute mile and go from there.

I'm really proud of myself, my endurance and speed has really increased.  But my guy is afraid I'm running my ass off literally.  Last night he hinted at walking, it's just as effective as running.

Yes, babe I know...

I just wish he could be more supportive and less worried about me losing weight.  I know how I will look, I've been there before.  Yes my rear end will get smaller but it will always be the biggest part of my body as I will get so much smaller and fit waist up.


I'm prepared to lose him along with the weight if that's how it will be.

I suppose losing the weight and getting kick butt fit is more important to me than him just as the size of my ass is more important to him.  At least that's how it seems.

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