Monday, March 12, 2012

I KICKed the living SHIT out of my workout clothes today!

I had a rough mother futher of a shift last night!  I was the only scheduled PCA on the South pod.  The nurses must have been seeing double vision; they thought there were two of me! 


I hit the gym after a 12 hour shift and 4 hours of sleep.

I ran 6.89mi in an hour and 30 minutes.  Not my best time or speed but I did it so kiss my tight fanny!  HRM: 127-143.  Burned 744 calories.


I trained with Nutter.  He must have been feeling extra creative and sadistic, I tore it up!

He had me working on speed drills on the treadmill, hop off, 15lb 15 rep hammer curls into military presses, SPEED, 15lb 15 rep squats, SPEED, 15 crunches, SPEED...  Repeat, keep at same weight and exercise combo, bring it down to 14 reps, SPEED in-between sets, 13 reps, 12 reps, 10 reps, 8 reps, 4 reps, 2 reps...

When he said FINISH...

I laid on the dirty gym floor face down proud!

If there were cattle nearby I'd be their salt block!

I torched 274 calories with him in 30 minutes, my all time training high with him!

I don't know why but he wanted to call the session nasty girl...

Ummm no I think the session should and will be called SUPER Bi-ATCH!

Thanks Nutter, I needed that, you've no idea, scratch that I think you do, you so know how to push me!

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