Monday, February 6, 2012

Weight Training Sled

After I told Nutter how I wanted to look he decided it was time for the SLED!  I should have asked him to take a picture of me, next time I will.

Last summer I watched him train some of his clients when the sun was high and hot.  That's not for me; I don't do heat too well and would rather get up at 5am before the sun graces the sky and pull that thing.

You ready to train hard?

I just got off the stair mill level 4 for 55 min.

Yes!  Let's do this!

My mouth dropped when he said sled.  I squared my shoulders, I can do this, no problem, it's not even spring yet.

And I did it!

We went half way around the parking lot with a 45lb plate and my heart rate reached 115.  By the time we completed the circle my heart rate was in the mid 120's.

Members came and went and said what I used to say: you pay him to do this to you?

I didn't think you'd do so well.

I was slightly offended.

He went back inside and got another 25lbs.  I'm happy to say next time I'll be sprinting with the sled.

I had such a work out high afterwards!  I don't think it wore off till sometime after midnight!

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