Friday, February 24, 2012

TRX Suspension Training

Nutter put me through a TRX Suspension Routine this morning. 

I loved it!

It's like working with cables, constant tension but using your body weight.

You totally have to put more focus on what you're doing as you're using all your stabilizer muscles to perform these exercises.

Tomorrow morning when I weigh in I hope to be below 170lb!

Ron is freaking out.  He thinks I need to back off on my cardio. 

Ummm...  I think NOT!

I'll just make sure I'm wearing tight jeans and not talk about my body weight.

I know I shouldn't have to do this but I will. 

I like him an awful lot and have always wanted to reach a certain level of fitness, if it is at all possible I don't want to compromise him or my health/fitness.

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