Monday, February 20, 2012

This is why you PAY Me...

My ankle is finally feeling better, well enough to hit some intervals hard on the treadmill.

I started off with a slow jog 4.0mph for a couple of minutes, picked up the pace 4.5mph for another couple of minutes and then each minute after I took it up a half notch, 5.0mph, 5.5mph, 6.0mph, 6.5mph, 7.0mph and then back down for a recovery 4.5mph for 2-3 minutes, then back up a half notch every 30 seconds, another recovery run then back up a half notch every minute, recovery run, back up a half notch every 30 seconds and then recovered with a 8 min jog at 4.5mph.

The shirt I wore today by NIKE: your PACE or MINE?

My HRM was 141-164

It took awhile for it to dip back into the teens.  Once I got to 118 HRM I hit it HARD ASS with Nutter!

Circuit: 15 push-ups off the smith machine, 15 pull-ups under the smith machine, 15 reverse curls on weight bench (working lower abs), pop tall for 15 body squats.

REST :::panting:::

Repeat:  14 reps, then 13 reps, then 12 reps then 11 reps...

Next:  He had me drag a 45lb bar backwards with 20lbs added to my chest, I could barely manage it.  Then shoulder lifts 10 reps on each side, and then drag back.

I think I'm dead...

It's called a dead man's drag...

Aptly named!  Nutter took pity on me and took 10lbs off.  I dragged it back on my own steam, 10 rep shoulder lifts each side and then drag back.

We ended the session with crunches.

I crawled back to the office, chugged my glutamine and savored my double scoop Ultimate Protein Shake Cookies and Cream.  If you haven't had, it's the BOMB!

I'm so pumped and ready for a 12 hour shift!

Yeah Baby!

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