Monday, February 20, 2012

G.I. Jane

One of my favorite movies is G.I. Jane starring Demi Moore.  She put in her own work; no one did her one arm push-ups but her!

That's one of my goals, to do a one arm push-up.  Okay several one arm push-ups!

I put in my own work too and one day I'm gonna go G.I. Jane on you!

I'm not sure how to train for this.  I'll ask Nutter.

Meanwhile I'll practice planks which helps strengthen the muscles used in push-ups as well as push-ups.

Nutter wanted me at 169.9lb by Monday, today.

I wasn't such a good girl this past weekend which is pretty typical of me, I'm sorry to say.  I gotta tighten up!  I really thought I'd be able to as Ron was supposed to go out of town, but didn't.  I'm glad he didn't but it would have been nice not to deal with temptation and lose.  My entire fault though!

July is coming fast, my 25 year reunion, tick tock!

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