Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Remedial Math

Apparently I have difficulty adding even with the aid of a calculator.  In my defense it was my first night on.  Okay so my adding was off but I wasn't too far off on my protein, fat, carb ratio's Nutter set up for me.

Sunday: 1,433.3 calories (under by 66.7g) , 38.93g healthy fats (under by 11.07g),  45.8g starchy carbs (over by 15.8g), and 160.77g of protein (under by 29.23g).

Monday: 1,565.8 calories (over by 65.8g), 49.25g healthy fats (under by .75g), 62g starchy carbs (over by 32g...  I need to get this lower), and 180.1g protein (under by 9.9g).

Yesterday was first night on.  That morning I weighed 174.6lb.  When I weighed myself Monday afternoon I was 177.4lb, a 2.8lb gain, not happy about that!  You can bet I told Nutter.  I know I need to eat but 1,500 calories, seriously?  I'm not even hungry for them!

That's okay; we're doing your body fat this Friday.

My clothes fit fine, and I honestly feel leaner, especially up top, my upper chest and side chest area, you can barely pinch anything and my shoulders are rock solid.

On a more personal note I'm a little down about me and my guy.  We went out last Saturday night and enjoyed a movie and very nice dinner.  Everything was great until we went to a club owned by one of his friends.  We were having a good time up until this guy who was to his right was trying to get the attention of another guy to my left.  I tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to his friend.  My guy got so upset over this, said I was never to be anyone's go between.  WTF?  He was so upset he stepped back away from me as though I didn't exist.  Yeah I felt like total shit, thanks a lot.  I don't put up with crap like that anymore, not after dealing with the likes of Vaughn so I headed out, got my coat and was prepared to call a cab if need be.  He followed me out, we went back to my place in silence and as soon as we walked through the door I let him have it.  I'm not a pretentious sort and if I want to help someone out, I will.

I don't think we got anywhere, not really.  He felt I was eyeballing the guy to his right.  OMG, really, I'm paying attention to my guy and happen to notice peripherally someone trying to get a hold of someone to my left?  Okay wow, whatever.

I'm still upset by this, maybe he is too, there was no communication between us yesterday, and I'm stubborn enough that I refuse to contact him first as there are other issues.


I give up...

I really like him, a lot but it seems to me I'll never find that one, you know that person so into you with minimal issues.

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