Monday, February 13, 2012

Protein Healthy Fat and Starchy Carbs Ratios

Nutter wants me eating 1,500 daily calories.  Today I'm at 1,432 eaten calories.  I packed an extra meal but that will put me over by 83 calories so I won't eat it.

50% of my caloric intake should be 190g of protein.  I ate 93.4g of protein; I'm short by 96.6g.  OMG how will I get all that in?  I could incorporate a low carb protein bar by EAS: Myoplex carb control chocolate chip brownie 25g protein with only 3g of carbs.  I'll need to order a box.  I could add a can of tuna along with my two hard boiled eggs to my salad.  That would be about another 24g of protein.  That still leaves me short by 47.6g of protein.  I usually have a casein protein drink before bed which is another 24g of protein putting me at 166.4g of protein.  I'm still short 23.6g of protein, good grief!

30% of my caloric intake should be 50g of healthy fats.  I ate 38.93g.  I'm short by 11.07g, I'm good with that.

20% of my caloric intake should be 30g of starchy carbs.  This was another difficult area.  I ate 45.8g; I was over by 15.8g.  I might need to give up my grapefruit and or only eat half.

I should be drinking 128oz a gallon of water daily.  I'm pretty decent about that.  By the end of my shift I will have accomplished this.

I don't know, Nutter, what do you think?

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