Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nutter kicked my @ss!

I was able to change into my work out clothes before giving report.  My co workers admire my drive but mostly they think I'm nuts to hit the gym right after a 12 hour shift.  They're also fascinated with my assortment of canned fish although they don't appreciate the random deposits in the trash cans around the nurses station.  I love dropping my empty fish cans in the trash and wait for someone to walk by and exclaim I smell vag tumor, WTF?  Occasionally you'll hear staff complain in the elevators about how someone stole someone else's food on this floor or that floor. 

Nobody every swipe's my food...

That's because you eat weird health crap...

As soon as I'm done giving report I haul ass to my car.  You'd think they'd treat state employees a little better and let everyone park in the garage for free, but no, I have to walk several blocks from car to hospital to car again.  It's good for my steps but not when I'm running behind!

This is when having a personal trainer comes in handy.

Coming off a 12 hour shift and feeling the effects of a small cold coming on.

Nutter knows what I do for a living.

Nutter knows what I'm capable of tired or not.

Nutter encouraged.

Nutter pushed.

Nutter kicked my @ss!

My shoulders are rock solid.  I love training them because they're so responsive.  He handed me a weighted bar.  I did extensions followed by military presses 3 sets of 15.  I thought my arms were about to fall off.  Normally on a well rested day I wouldn't tire out till the 3rd set.

Next came the medicine ball.  I'm completely intrigued by it.  I've used it before, but not like this.  It forces me to concentrate on my coordination and balance and raises my heart rate up immediately.

We walked out of the UhOh room and...

We're getting on the treadmill next.

What's this we crap?

I love intervals, hell I swear by them but after a freaking 12 hour shift?  Danni never does cardio, just weight training.

What's your high?


I should have lied but then I'd only be cheating myself. 

Walk, slow jog, pick up the pace, running oh dear merciful father I'm sprinting.  I was so fatigued I thought I was gonna fly off so I grabbed on.  I hate seeing people grab on.

What he really wanted me to do after sprinting 6.5mph grab hold and lift myself up and plant my feet to the side as the belt is sprinting without me then after a few seconds hop back on. 


Maybe after practicing on my own and after a good night's sleep but not this morning, not this girl!  I could just see me fly off and go through a glass window.

He improvised and my heart rate took off anyway.

He kicked my ass and I had a kick ass work out!

He took it down a notch and had me hit the smith machine, I love doing push-ups off it and now I can add another favorite, pull-ups!

My heart rate is still up.  We headed over to the UhOh room again, heart rates dropping...

We ended with calves 30 minutes later.

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