Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mommy Daughter ACTION

I like the focus on ME!

That's the beauty in having a personal trainer, they do the thinking, they set the weights up, they watch you making sure you execute everything correctly, take your body fat/body measurements, monitor your nutrition, make suggestions, be your spotter, mentor, call you out on your bad habits, make assessments and educate you.

My daughter enjoys the focus on her as well, who wouldn't?

But WOW, I really LOVED spending that time with her!

This daughter, my youngest, Veronica and I don't have as smooth of a relationship as I would like, but it's been getting better this year.

For one, Vaughn is OUT OF THE PICTURE!

I'm supporting her vegetarianism, not that I wouldn't, but it's become a BIG thing, bigger than I first realized.

So you don't want to eat meat, whatever, fine.  I never thought much about it, wether she'd stick with it or not, just didn't want to butt heads about it after all she'll be 17 this year.

Since becoming vegetarian, she's started eating healthier and healthier and getting smarter about it daily.  She's decided to try out for softball and has practice 3 days a week, before it was a chore to push her to exercise, now she get's pissed off if Nutter cancels or disappointed and frustrated when she needs to.  On Tuesdays when her sister can they work out together and or I drop her off and her sister picks her up from the gym.  The latest big change is her asking if she can go to Blacklick Park and run with one of her softball pals.  And her father, he isn't healthy or in shape at all and it is a constant concern of hers as well as mine and her sisters.  I guess now she knows how I feel, how I felt about her.  I love her so much.  I want her happy as well as healthy; she wants the same for her father and I don't blame her!

I don't know how I will afford it, maybe I'll just trade some of my Wednesday mornings with Nutter for a Saturday with her on the weekends I have her.  It will be totally worth it!

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