Friday, February 17, 2012

My Body Fat

2 weeks later and I have lost .90 pounds of body weight.

Nutter desperately wants me at 169lb by Monday.

I lost .83% of my over all body fat.  I'm now 20.8%.  In 2 more weeks I hope to see my body fat percentage in the teens!

Another 1.62 pounds of body fat blasted off this curvaceous bod of mine!

And I gained another blessed .72lbs of MUSCLE!  Mommy wants MORE!

I can really tell that I've been leaning out up top by my upper chest, side shoulder tricep/bicep area and the sides of my stomach the oblique's.

The girls hate it but I can make my chest muscles ripple up and down again!  What I mean to say is you can actually see me do this now, not that you'd want to though!

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