Friday, February 10, 2012

Good Ole MAN sweat!

I had another good session with Nutter

I worked up a good man sweat.

My thoughts should probably deduct off the man sweat. 

The whole time I heaved the medicine ball at the wall and caught it as it bounced back I was worried bout busting a nail.

I think he handed me 45lb dumbbells, maybe it was 35lbs, whatever; all he wanted me to do was walk from one end of the room to the other and squat.  You'd think the squatting would be the hardest part but it wasn't, the walking part was.  My left hand kept giving out.  I walked faster, squat so many times, walk back even faster, squat, set drop dumbbells and then push-ups off the bench, no problem, oh God repeat process.

I loved every minute of it.

There was more to the session but I'll end it with the compliment and nutrition lesson.

Nutter wanted to do my body fat again. 

That's next week.

Some of my clients I do weekly.  I can really tell you've dropped a lot of fat pounds.

Really???  (I was gushing inside and secretly spinning round in happy circles)

Okay so the answer to my question I posed to him early in the week via text:


His answer was NO.

He said based on my goals, which are to blow off all my fat, pack on muscle, gain thicker thighs, and sport a black girls booty you need to be eating a bare minimum of 1500 calories per day!  Whatever you're doing is working for now but once you stop losing fat and gaining muscle I'll start writing out your diet.

None of you know his finance Robyn but you can view her pictures on his website I have listed on my blog.  She's a bodybuilder, I don't want a figure like hers but his point is Robyn weighs 170lb and hits 130lb contest time by eating 3,000-5,000 calories a day. Her body's metabolism is a furnace, the massive amounts of calories are fueling her body.

Plain and simple EAT UP and DON'T eat back your exercise expendetures!

I guess if you were a sofa blanket you should skip meals and limit your calories but if you're gonna rock it out at the gym the way I do then feed that body!

No actual nails were lost during my session or the writing of this blog...

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