Friday, January 27, 2012


One time in my life did I reach a level of fitness I thought was impossible to achieve.

Not only will I reach that impossibility again I will supersede and maintain!

I'm competitive but not sure I'm cut out for competing.  There is a difference. 

Off and on through the years I've thought about figure competition.  I brought it up to my trainer and his fiance they were both encouraging.

Nutter: you have to give up drinking!

Robyn: it takes a lot of commitment.  The diet is the toughest part.

If I did decide to move forward I know both of them would be supportive as would my girls.

The one person, my guy who I thought would be excited for me wasn't.

He doesn't want me to get that small or deprive either of us fun. 

You would have thought I was going to move to the next state and leave him behind!

He immediately wanted to know how much I weighed and then gave me a limit not to go under.


I couldn't believe his reaction.  This is the guy who keeps asking if he could have one of my motivational pictures of me off my refrigerator.  I weigh 125lb.  He doesn't want me to weigh less than 165lb. 

165lb is unacceptable to me.  At the end of both my pregnancies I weighed 160lb.  News flash I'm not pregnant!

I shared his reaction with Nutter.

Nutter: most men, Danni don't want their women to get too small or in shape for fear of being left later when you reach your desired level of fitness.

I thought about that, I really did and while it makes sense, it confused me because he absolutely loves working out with me and me him.

Still thinking about his reaction, Nutter's comment, and what I really want to do.

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  1. Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future.
    Proverbs 19:20

    Re-read the post you wrote on Tuesday the 24th...stay the course of you goals.