Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Uh Oh room and the BIG uHoH!

I ended a 12 hour shift hit the cafeteria for an egg white omelet slathered in hot sauce and nodded off a few times after the last bite slid home.

I'm milking the clock a bit, waiting to leave for my follow up vein treatment.

I get to the office.  You can tell the receptionist dislikes her job or maybe it's me she dislikes, well the feelings mutual.

I doze off as soon as I settle into the waiting room chair. 

My names called.  I get up, my joints creak and crack.  Even at a young age, my mom always knew who was walking up and down the stairs but this time I feel it back then it was just noise.

I'm led into the treatment room and get to wear the sexy dark blue paper shorts.  While waiting I notice some prepped items to the left of me.  I don't pay too much attention to them.

The nurse comes in and we talk shop, she's always been interested by the fact I work at the James Cancer Hospital and that I work eve/nights.  She always has lots of questions.

I'm paying closer attention to the items left of me.  She's getting organized.  What's she going to do with that needle?

Oh damn she's going to poke every dark purple site which apparently is little blood clots. 

She swipes the area with an alcohol pad, jabs the not so small needle into my tender legs and squeezes the hell out of the site, swipes it with alcohol and band aids.

This is repeated several times. 

I was going to cancel with Nutter but hell I'm UP now!

Okay now for the Uh Oh room, which is really an all purpose room at the Power Shack for classes which we normally don't have, a place for people to jump rope and stretch.  I now associate that room with Nutter and I'm like Uh Oh what crazy boot camp military kamikaze stuff is he gonna drill me with this time?

We do kettle ball squat swings, one almost slips out of my hands into the mirror, it would have been better aimed at his head.  Damn I'm tired.  That wasn't too bad but then I'm coached into immediate alternating kettle ball shoulder presses.  My shoulders are normally tough but they are noodle strong that morning.

Nutter's calling out reps and suck that tummy in and common let's go!

The fact that I'm in that room with him after being up since the day before at 2pm and it's now going on 10:30am the next day says something.  I'm here to GET MINE, I'm NOT a Quitter!  My legs are plastered with band aids and I'm still planking, hands going wide then in then back out and in again after a 12 hour shift.

Wednesday was an Uh Oh kinda day.

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