Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Something To SWEAT about:

Becoming fit can be a long and arduous journey.  You will face challenges that may not always result in your desired outcome.  Failure fuels growth.  Failure is the ambitious person's constant companion, a crucial step towards hitting long-term goals.

Failure to me means not yet accomplished.

The polar opposite would be Success.

Success is often just a moment- a goal fulfilled, soon to be replaced with new goals.

When I achieve my desired level of fitness, I've been thinking what should happen next other than maintaining. 

That sounds so boring: the maintenance phase.

I was once 12% body fat, did I follow a maintenance phase? 

Obviously not...

No, I need another goal to stay focused and keep what I fought so hard to achieve, not simply maintain!

I think I will prepare myself for my first bikini competition.

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