Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I wish I was able to get this done before the New Year but at least it's taken care of. 

It didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would.  Laser therapy is much worse and less effective.

Had I realized I wouldn't be able to shower afterwards I would have scheduled differently.  Instead I worked a 12 hour shift then had my appointment since it was close by.  Ah well, hindsight.

I'm writing this blog with cotton balls taped up and down my legs while wearing sexy granny support hose.  I get to remove them after 24 hours but will still need to wear them for at least 7 more days during my waking hours.  I hated them before I put them on!

As soon as the cotton balls and tape come off I'll take a shower but no hot ones for 2 weeks as the heat can cause vein dilation.  I'll use Veronica's tiny space heater to warm the bathroom up.

No tanning for a month.  I can deal with that.

This part sucks though...  Do not run, do high impact aerobics which includes the elliptical , bike and stairs.  No lifting weight with my legs or sit-ups for 1 week.  The nurse said if after a week I still have dark areas she would wait longer as these activities can increase the venous pressure in my legs.

Avoid aspirin and ibuprofen products for 5 days before and after each treatment.  These products may increase the amount of bruising you may develop from the treatment.  Tylenol is permitted.

I go back in a couple of weeks for a follow up.  I may need one more treatment.

Since I work at the James, OSU medical, the Doctor's thought was "we take care of our own" which means I don't pay a cent.  How cool is that?

I plan on walking 5-10 miles everyday and lift upper body. 

My eating has to be much tighter during this time. 

Every day's a challenge and I'll face each one head on.

How U like me now?

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