Monday, January 2, 2012


Explosive exercise training designed to produce fast, powerful movements. 

We used a kettle ball, resistance band, spinning bike, my body weight, a stability ball, and step up bench, a long wooden pole and the hyper extension machine.

3 sets of stability ball squats followed by kettle ball squat swings then kettle ball shoulder presses followed by 30 second planks.  30 second rest between each set.

I disliked the planks

3 sets of jump ups on step up bench followed by kettle ball figure eights ending with 25 jumping jacks.  30 second rest between each set.

Jump ups were the most difficult.  I lack coordination.

3 sets of resistant band lower and upper rows followed by a minute sprint on spinning bike ending with 15 pushups.  30 second rest between each set.

My ass needs a tractor seat not that Barbie scrap of plastic!

3 sets of hyperextensions (a truly awesome piece of equipment working glutes, lower back, abs and hamstrings) followed by reverse hyperextensions which focuses mostly on the abs.

Piece of cake

We ended the session with the long wooden pole.  3 sets of 3 different ab moves I don't have names for sorry.

Loved it 3 new moves for me. 

Nutters approach with me is different.  He wants to focus on trimming me down.  We both know I have a lot of muscle.  He wants to uncover it then maintain and or add to what I already have.

After a couple of weeks he will review my eating, take my body fat measurements and then adjust my diet accordingly.

In the mean time I diligently do 40-60 minutes of cardio every day along with my own weight training.

It should be interesting to see what I feel tomorrow.  I believe it will be my abs.

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