Tuesday, January 3, 2012

CuRvEs Ahead

That was me 10 years ago after I completed the body for life challenge

How could I let myself go?

Divorce, job and shift changes, nothing but excuses... 

Eventually I got back on track.

After I lost 53lbs I met Vaughn the controlling bipolar boyfriend last November 2010.  We belong to the same gym and once we started dating we began training together.  I made a lot of muscle and strength gains but rarely did I find time to do cardio or eat right.  Any spare time I had was spent with him.  If he didn't do cardio I didn't.  If he ate poorly and late at night so did I.  Because of him I was sleep deprived and put 23lbs back on.


The older I get the tougher it gets.  I have a 25th high school reunion to get ready for by the first weekend of July 2012.  When my classmates see me I want them to see that.  I want them to see me the same way they WILL see me this July and again at our 50th!

If I had better self control I could have been closer to what you see down in the lower left hand corner but no I let myself go again!  Now I have to work harder, it's crunch time!

WHY WHY WHY?  My jeans are tighter, my dresses and skirts don't look right, and my tops outline a belly, not hug a figure.

Fat flabby and forty.

I'm disgusted with myself...  BLEH!

***shakes head ***

FOCUS!  Who cares about men?  I need to WORK on me!


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