Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm on CRACK!

Nutter slipped me some C4 and said put two in your water bottle 30 minutes before our sessions. 

With eyebrow arched, does this contain a lot of caffeine?  I'm ultra sensitive. 

Just try it. 

Ok but I'm not fooling with that stuff Wednesday 8am after a 12 hour shift.  I expect to shower and go to bed after training with you.

I took it Wednesday like he said.  I figure why not since I didn't work Tuesday night.


We did legs and I was like, is that all you got?  I can leg press 630, maybe not so well now but I can easily handle 360. 

After our work out I hit the elliptical then trained back for 45 minutes, ate, showered, burned some more calories in bed-heh ;-) and went to work with a giant shit eating grin that was hard to wipe off even when my assignment sucked ass.  My co workers were like what in the world has gotten into you?

Now that's a hard call, C4 or my guy?

I only used one packet.  I was acting like a girl.  Maybe I should try two tomorrow and MAN up before training with Nutter bright and early Friday.

He also has me on D4 a high energy fat burner.

I'm definietly hooked on the C4!

Other supplements I'm taking are: Vitamin D, a multi vitamin, fish oil, Osteo bi-flex for my joints, glutamine, and L-carnitine.

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