Friday, December 28, 2012

Goodbye 2012 HELLO 2013

The day after Christmas, snow white, fresh with no mistakes, a clean slate.
Goodbye 2012
HELLO 2013!

I once said you don't need a New Year, all you need is a Monday!

But here I am like most of the world, waiting for 2013 before I REALLY get started.

2012 was the year I got back into fitness.  26 weeks of fitness consistency earned me the Captain Fitness Badge on

2012 marked a year of nutritional blunders.

2013 I will dominate my nutritional goals!

This is my home away from home where all my fitness dreams flourished...

This 2013 before I turn 45 I will reinvent myself.  I will be competition ready!  My fitness and nutritional goals will be met!  Not one before the other...  This is the year to put it all together!

There will be NO CHEATING unless my trainer okays it.


I will compete in the INBF Natural Buckeye Classic April 13, 2013 and the NPC Mike Francois Classic May 11, 2013 with my daughter Vivian.  If she can do it, I can too!

When I first got into fitness the year before I turned thirty I wished my mom knew about weight lifting and cardio, not that she was to be blamed for the havoc of baring children and the poor choices I put my body through but that I would have learned this healthier lifestyle early on and shared something special with her.

I TAUGHT BOTH MY GIRLS WELL...  today my eldest said "Shawn (our trainer) would have never pushed me so hard."  All we did was use or body weight with few weights.  Each set involved three different exercise designed to tax the muscle and keep our heart rates up.

My eldest plans out her nutrition before she lays out her clothes the next day.  If our trainer doesn't sanction a cheat meal she doesn't modify or deviate from the plan, she's bad ass, she's my inspiration!

2013 is my year!  Fresh with no mistakes!  A clean slate :)

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