Monday, March 26, 2012

Training Schedule for the next several weeks

MONDAY:  Hill work on treadmill and then training with Nutter

TUESDAY:  Super Circuits

WEDNESDAY:  Speed work on treadmill and lift heavy with Nutter

THURSDAY:  Super Circuits and lift lower body

FRIDAY:  Hill work on treadmill and then training with Nutter and then speed work on treadmill and lift upper body


SUNDAY:  Long Run

Why train hills?

Hill training improves your fitness level fast.  It burns many more calories than zero incline training.  Hill training improves your strength and sculpts your lower body.  The increase in calorie burn can be dramatic as the hill incline is increased. 

Running uphill forces your leg muscles to work much harder.  The added stress on your muscles will result in increased strength, power and muscle tone.  The motion of hill running requires you to push off powerfully behind your body.  This action works the muscles that extend your hip very strongly.  Your hip extensor muscles include the all important gluteus maximus.  If you want to tone those butt muscles, hill training is for you!

And if you're like me when you hit a hill running outside I tend to go a little slower.  It's my understanding you should increase your speed going up a hill because this is when you gain distance against other runners during a race.

Each week I will share my Hill run because it will vary as my performance level increases.

This week:  THE FOOT HILLS

1% and run for 10 minutes at an easy pace throughout...
2% and run for 5 minutes
3% and run 2 minutes
4% and run 2 minutes
5% and run 2 minutes
4% and run 2 minutes
3% and run 2 minutes
2% and run 2 minutes
1% and run for 10 minutes

Speed work will be done with no incline for 30 minutes.  My speed will be 4.5mph-7.5mph.  My warm up and recovery speed will be 4.5mph.  My speed increase will be 30 seconds to 1 minute long with a progression as follows: 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, and 7.5mph.  My max speed currently is 7.5mph; this will change as my performance level increases.  There will probably be days where my max maybe less than 7.5mph.

I will randomly change the weight training between my run times on my Super Circuit days.  I don't want to give my body a chance to adapt.  Gotta keep it movEN and guessEN!


Push-ups for 1 minute
1% 4.5mph for 5 minutes
10 burpees (even though I hate them!)
1% 5.0mph for 5 minutes
20 15lb dumbbell squats
1% 5.5mph for 5 minutes
Crunches for 1 minute
3% 4.0mph for 5 minutes
20 15lb bicep curl/presses
5% 4.5mph for 5 minutes
30 hyper extensions
8% 4.0mph for 3 minutes
20 15lb Kettlebell Swings
5% 5.0mph for 3 minutes
Bench dips for 1 minute
1% 5.5mph for 5 minutes
Run 4.5mph till you hit an hour of vigorous activity

*My speed might decrease on the higher inclines, we'll see...

My long runs will follow novice half marathon training.  The first two weeks will be 4 miles, the next 2 weeks will be 5 miles, then 6 miles, then a 5k race, then 7 miles, then 8 miles, then a 10k race, then 9 miles, then 10 miles then a half marathon.  I hope I can do this!

Sunday-Tuesday I plan on calorie cycling.  I'll eat 2000 calories and then Wednesday-Friday I'll limit my calorie intake to 1200, and Saturday 1200-1500.

I'm also considering Skip-loading...

I started this program last Sunday so I've already ran 4 miles.  I'm excited about intensifying my training especially after last weekend.  Things aren't going so well between me and my guy.  I pretty much broke up with him during text.  Why do I make poor choices in men? 


I don't think there is "the one" out there for me, I really don't.

If it isn't worked out between us, then I guess I don't have to worry about anyone telling me I'm losing too much and can do whatever and whenever the Hell I want.

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