Wednesday, March 21, 2012


An early morning member at the Power Shack came up to me running on the treadmill after climbing the stairs wondering why I was still running, I was approaching an hour and had no plans slowing down.  He's a state highway patrolman; I guess he was clocking me.  I think he was checking me out.  He made a comment about my results thus far.  You go girl!

Another member came up to me, he trains with Nutter too and wanted to know if I was training with him that day.  I wasn't.  You can really tell you're losing, you can see it in your smile.  Ummm he was definitely looking at more than my smile.

I feel Vaughn's eyes watching me, it's creepy.  If he would only find another gym, not many people care for him, they pay him lip service; they tolerate him.  He's too self-absorbed to realize although I've noticed he appears less jovial.                                       

Nutter says he can notice a big difference in my arms and legs.
My guy thinks I'm getting too small and I've noticed my triceps are coming in better than ever before!

It's nice being acknowledged. 

Nutter just sent a text, if my weight doesn't go further south by Friday he wants to help me with my diet and make some adjustments other than increasing my calories to 1800 from 1500.

I need to be more disciplined on my days off and I'm not.  I either eat the wrong things or not enough.  I usually take in enough water along with alcohol.  Some days there isn't any alcohol involved.  Last weekend wasn't a good example; it was St. Patty's day on Saturday!

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