Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Right side STRONG side

My right side is dominant it should be stronger than the left but it isn't.

I did single kettle ball military presses yesterday and noticed my right side would fatigue faster than my left.  In fact I could press more reps on the left side if I wanted.  This isn't the first time I noticed this trend.  As I switched from my right to my left I asked Nutter.  He's experienced the same thing and has asked exercise physiologists who can't explain why any better than you or me.

It figures...

Have you ever noticed your dominant side taking over on the weight machines? 

Now I'm not bad mouthing the machines each equipment hits the muscles a bit differently.  A varied routine is best.

I love cables.  You can't cheat there if you tried constant resistance!  A great way to isolate your muscles.

SIDE NOTE: my legs itch where the injections were given.  I looked on line, it's normal, but man oh man is it driving me nuts!

Two more days of walking and I'm gonna set the LION free.  I won't run for another week though.  I think adding the elliptical first is the smart way to go, less impact.

Tonight begins the step challenge for team 50+ to go...  My personal best was recorded on October 5, 2010, my step count was 30,334!  That's roughly 15 miles.  I hope to win, can't help it, I'm super competitive!

I'm already beginning to feel my shoulders and back from my work out with Nutter Monday afternoon, what wonderful feeling muscle soreness.

I should sleep well at the end of my shift between my work out yesterday and being up for 24 hours.  Jeeze what the hell was I thinking?  I'm ready to crawl into bed with one of my patients!

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