Saturday, January 7, 2012

Body FAT % the real numbers!

If you can believe it 10 years ago I was 12% body fat. 

Today at age 43 I'm 28.95%. 

From July 2011 to January 2012 I gained 8.67% of body fat.  But that's ok because I lost 1.16% of that in a week.

In a week I've also managed to lose 2.03 pounds of body FAT and gain 3.03 pounds of MUSCLE!

I should have measured myself last week but I didn't.  Tonight with the help of my eldest I will get that accomplished.

The scale can be deceptive as well as depressive.  Even I get caught up in what the number says every moring right after I pee.  Damn thing!

If this is you then I encourage anyone who is challenged with losing weight to get there body fat measured as well as their body measurements.  Those numbers tell a much better story.

Given time that scale will budge and your jeans will feel looser and you'll feel so much lighter of heart and spirit and most of all body!

How do you like me now?


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