Sunday, January 13, 2013

Seltzer water instead of alcohol

Hey MOM...  Do you want a LaCrotch?

Its been 21 days since I've had a drop of alcohol.  Unfortunately that's quite an accomplishment for me.  Since I don't need it to function I'd say I'm not an alcoholic.  However it's a habit like smoking I guess.  You're in a bar and you keep reaching for something to wash down, in my case a drink of water, for a smoker trying to kick it, something to eat, some sort of oral stimulation.

I'm not gonna be high and mighty and say I don't miss it, like on a warm day grilling out on the patio, especially in January!  But then I don't exactly miss the negative affects.

The only feelings I'm sure about is being proud.  Between not drinking and restricting my starchy carbs I've lost almost 9 pounds in 21 days.  When my trainer calculated my body fat last Friday, he said for the first time he could really say good job!  He knows my body better than me so that was a big moment.

Last Thursday my guy and I hit one of our spots so he could enjoy a drink and play a game of pool with me.  The bartender wanted to know what I was drinking.

Nothing thanks

Don't tell me some bullshit like you're pregnant

You should have seen our faces!

Last night we hit two bars, the first we weren't regulars.  At half time we left and walked into another of our spots.

I tried coming in with a cup of ice from the last place.

I told security it was just ice

He gave me a long look and took it from me.
We have ice
He checked my purse and pulled out a can of seltzer water.
Take it back to the car.

It's just water

We have water

But you don't have raspberry flavored

You just wanna break all the rules tonight don't you?

I smiled

He gave me another long look...  Oh go on then...

The bartender there was simply surprised I wasn't drinking.

Last year my guy wasn't very supportive of me wanting to compete.  I'll have to ask him what inspired the change in attitude. As of now he supports whatever I want and what my trainer recommends.

I'm thrilled and challenged to finish this out!

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  1. I guess I just don't go to bars where they care, LOL! Neighborhood type places... if you're going in with someone who is drinking, just tell them you are the Designated Driver. Then ask "where's my free non alcoholic beverage?"