Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finally my BURNS are back UP!

I made sure and ran most of my HillZ have EyeZ (hill progression run) at 5.0mph.  Once I got to 6% I bumped it down to 4.5mph, 7 and 8% at 4.0mph and kept and the rest of my run time at 4.5mph.  I torched 402 calories a 3.27mi run, the last time I ran it I kept my run at 4.5mph which was a 3.09mi run and only burned 307 calories a 95 calorie difference! 

Since doing these inclines, I feel my glutes swell, strain; they have their own heart beat with each stride pounding the treadmill gaining strength all female power, my curves!  Yeah, watch out, curves ahead!

My GirlZ BallZ to the WallZ routine: this ain't no girlie girl burn, this is some serious woMAN biZness!  The next time I do this I'm gonna go for a heavier ball, 12lb was good but hell I can do better!  At 3 rounds and 30 minutes later I destroyed another 309 calories!

Nutter put me through a new circuit routine: 500 meters on the rowing machine at 30+spm, 15rep 25lb plate bicep curls into a military press, then 15rep toe touches up into jumping jack X5 rounds.  We ended with a mini circuit in the UhOh room killing another 228 calories a total burn of 939!  Not too shabby for a days work!

My Circuit tomorrow should be the most challenging.  I've increased the inclines and switched up the plyometrics/weight training exercises.  This routine is done with no rest between plyometrics/weights and run times.  I'm gonna call it The Circuit Slaughter! 

  • 25 Jumping Jacks
  • 7.5lb Front Raises into Tricep Extensions
  • 40 Compass Jumps
  • 25rep AB Roller
  • 25rep 18lb Kettlebell Swings
  • 25 Pull-Ups On Smith Machine Bar
  • 25rep 15lb Dumbbell Squats
  • 30 Hyper Extensions with 10lb Medicine Ball
  • 25rep Push-Ups On Smith Machine Bar
  • 25rep 18lb Kettlebell Deadlifts then 50rep 18lb Kettlebell pass between legs (like a figure 8)
In between these moves my run pattern:
  • 2% TREADMILL 5.0mph FOR 5min
  • 2% TREADMILL 5.5mph FOR 5min
  • 2% TREADMILL 6.0mph FOR 5min
  • 4% TREADMILL 4.5mph FOR 5min
  • 6% TREADMILL 4.0mph FOR 5min
  • 10% TREADMILL 3.5mph FOR 3min
  • 5% TREADMILL 4.0mph FOR 3min
  • 2% TREADMILL 5.0mph FOR 5min
I'm thinking this will be a 700+ burn session.  I'll let you know how I do tomorrow!

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